MUM 2007 - 6th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

MUM 2007 will be held in the City of Oulu, which the capital of northern Finland. The Oulu Region has almost 200,000 inhabitants and it is the fastest growing region in Finland. The population of the City of Oulu itself is about 130,000 inhabitants. There are good opportunities for studying, working and doing research and development, especially in the hi-tech sector. The Oulu Region also has a lively cultural climate.

Nowadays the Oulu Region is well known for its technology, the hi-tech growth having started after the establishment of Oulu University in 1958. In the region there are two science parks; Technopolis Plc, the first in Scandinavia, and Medipolis Ltd., plus a technology centre, Ii Micropolis Ltd. There are many research institutes, for instance the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University Hospital. The Oulu Region is home to many hi-tech companies like Nokia, and there are currently over 10,000 people employed by the hi-tech sector. There is also a multidisciplinary Polytechnic in Oulu.

Oulu has an international airport and there are about 15 flights to and from Helsinki each day. The flight time is about one hour.

MUM 2007 will be staged at the University of Oulu, which was founded in 1958. It has grown quickly and is now the second largest university in Finland. The university operates in eight major fields: Humanities, Education, Economics, Natural Sciences, Technology (including Architecture), Medicine, Dentistry and Health Care, distributed in six faculties. In addition, the town of Kajaani, situated about 185 kilometres to the southeast of Oulu, is home to the Department of Teacher Education in Kajaani, as well as the Research and Development Centre of Kajaani. The multidisciplinary fields of expertise in the University of Oulu are Biotechnology, Information Technology and Northern Issues. Postgraduate studies may be followed in all subject areas, leading to the degrees of licentiate and doctorate. Over a thousand degrees are awarded every year. International links and cooperation with local industries and businesses form an essential and integral part of the university's teaching and research activities.

About 16000 students study at the University of Oulu, three-quarters of these coming from the two northernmost provinces (i.e. local government districts) of Finland: the provinces of Lapland and Oulu. Two-thirds of all students eventually find jobs in this central and northern area. Approximately 2300 new students start their studies each year. The total number of staff is more than 3000.

About 800 000 people live within the university's immediate sphere of influence which geographically embraces more than half the surface area of Finland. The university's general impact is seen most strongly in the business and cultural life of the area.

MUM 2007 is organized by the MediaTeam Oulu research group, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in conjunction with the conference.