MUM 2007 - 6th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Site visits

The conference provides you with the opportunity to visit one of the following four leading R&D sites on the afternoon of Friday 14 December 2007. Please note that the visits have a limited capacity which is allocated on "first come, first serve" basis in the order of registrations.

Nov 27 2007: Site visit #2 Nokia Mobile Zone is fully booked and thus no longer available, our apologies.

Site visit #1: CWC 4G Lab

CWC has the vision to become one of the leading research laboratories in the world in Fourth Generation mobile communications (4G). As part of achieving this goal, CWC is developing a 4G Lab which will greatly enhance the scope of capabilities of researchers to explore the radio channel and systems aspects of future systems. The capabilities the Lab center around three core activities: MIMO Radio Channel Measurement and Modelling, 4G Enabling Technology Evaluation in Hardware, and Multi-cell Simulation Capability.

Site visit #2: Nokia Mobile Zone (FULL)

Mobile Zone is a showroom located in Nokia House Oulu. It showcases a collection of demos from Nokia's research projects and technology innovations. The showroom's 300 square meters contain a pedestrian street and a smart home environment.

Site visit #3: Sensinode IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Sensinode is a quickly growing hi-tech startup specialized in IP-based wireless sensor networks for enterprise use. The company has revolutionary networking technology allowing end-to-end IPv6 to ultra low-power embedded devices. During this site visit the company applications and technology will be introduced with a demonstration of a current sensor network application.

Site visit #4: VTT Converging Networks Laboratory

VTT's Converging Networks Laboratory is an environment where research and companies can meet to innovate, prototype and test products in a future convergent network infrastructure.