MUM 2007 - 6th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper Award was presented to Peter Peltonen1, Antti Salovaara1, Giulio Jacucci1, Tommi Ilmonen1, Carmelo Ardito2, Petri Saarikko1 and Vikram Batra1 (1Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland, 2UniversitÓ degli Studi di Bari, Italy) for their paper titled "Extending Large-Scale Event Participation with User-Created Mobile Media on a Public Display".

The Best Student Paper Award was presented to Dominik Schnitzer1,2, Tim Pohle1, Peter Knees1 and Gerhard Widmer1,2 (1Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, 2Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Austria) for their paper titled "One-Touch Access to Music on Mobile Devices".

Recipients of the Best Paper Awards posing with the chairs. From left: Timo Ojala, Dominik Schnitzer, Peter Peltonen and Mika Ylianttila.

Keynote speakers

Professor Raimo Kantola, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Future Internet - in Search of a New Networking Paradigm
Professor Raimo Kantola started his career in Engineering at Nokia in 1980 where he worked in various positions on Switching System development, product marketing and research. In 1995, he was a member of the TINA coreteam at Bellcore. From 1996 Kantola has been a professor >>>

VP Petteri Alinikula, Head of Core Technology Research, Nokia
Immersive Mobile Media
Dr. Petteri Alinikula has been with Nokia Research Center since 1993, when he was given an assignement to establish a new RF research group. Since then Petteri has held several management positions in Nokia. In his previous role as the Head of Strategic Research, Wireless Access Petteri worked >>>

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Conference topics

  • Architectures, protocols, and algorithms to cope with mobility, roaming, limited bandwidth, or intermittent connectivity
  • Case studies, field trials and evaluations of new applications and services
  • Mobile user interfaces, interaction design and techniques, user-centered studies
  • Intelligent, aware, proactive, and attentive environments, perception and modeling of the environment
  • Middleware and distributed computing support for mobile and ubiquitous multimedia
  • Mobile computer graphics, games and entertainment
  • Novel adaptive/context-aware/mobile/ubiquitous/wireless multimedia applications and systems
  • Mobile media management
  • Rich media applications on mobile devices
  • Streaming mobile multimedia